Our Services

Our Services

Surface Finishing (Anodizing & Powder Coating)

We pride ourselves in providing a one-stop solution for our valued clients.

We have made it part of our services to include the final touch by adding aesthetic values to quality work, just to ensure you get that kind of top-notch service that saves a lot of unnecessary hassles. Our years of accumulated knowledge and skills has endowed us with the capability to offer customized metal surface finishing via either the modern anodizing method or the conventional powder coating way. We ensure the highest quality standard finishing with uncompromising consistency and uniformity. Besides the principal idea of surface protection that incorporates coating thickness for anti-corrosion, wear resistance and chemical resistance properties, we have made the options for product identification and decorative purposes available too.



  • Mill finish
  • Natural Anodized
  • Bronze Anodized
  • Black Anodized
  • Powder Coat
  • PVDF



  • Fluorocarbon Paint Finishes
  • Polyester Powder Coating
  • Acrylic Clear Coating
  • Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Polyurethane Paint Finishes


  • Wide Selection Of Colours

  • Lasting Colour Retention

  • Rugged Durability

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Low Maintenance

  • Flexibility In Fabrication Work

  • Environmentally Friendly