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Our Services


Aluminium is a very versatile material and its usage can be found across many industries. In recent years, aluminium has almost fully replaced wood in housing construction and to some extent copper in the electrical field. Customers come in the form of both DIY individuals as well as multinationals requiring specialized attention. As a result, Chiang Jiang has expanded its technical and marketing efforts to encompass the needs of a wide range of clientele over the years. This means being adept with advanced technical concepts to adequately service the everchanging requirements of customers in an increasingly challenging world.


We cater to a wide band of aluminium extrusions ranging from those used in simple bazaar applications to those used in high end usages where technical parameters can be extra stringent such as in electronics and engineering sectors, marine applications, HT electric conductors, vehicle components, agricultural pipings, as well as many other applications. Our processes are geared towards supporting the specific needs of the individual customer who alone determines the standard of quality required. Thus, our quality offerings range from designs involving simple tolerances with normal coatings, to those with tight dimensions and polished finishes with extra thick anodic coatings for high aesthetic requirements.


We operate close to 8 units of extrusion machines with total installed capacity of 1000mt per mth and a portfolio comprising of 3.5”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 7” size presses. This gives us the edge in producing varied and almost unlimited number of cross-sectional profiles. Currently we are capable of extruding aluminium alloys in 1070, 6005, 6061, 6063, and 6082 series.


Extrusions can be assigned with different colours, either through an electrolysis process or conventional powder coating application. On top of that, part of our products includes aluminum formwork components and other relevant articles such as flat bar, round bar, square bar, round tube, square hollow, rectangular hollow, equal angle, U-channel, hexagon bar and others. Our extrusion products are used across many industries such as in architectural, furniture, lighting, agricultural, automotive, automation, electronic, marine and engineering fields involving both standard as well as custom made designs.

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